Family Constellation: Considerations

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At the earlier days of the family constellation therapy, we all still believed that one session is enough to recognize "the truth".

Over the years, we therapists had to recognize that "the truth" does not exist. 

Regardless of whether I approach the subject in form of trance or group constellation work, there are only layers of truth which are released. Only what the soul sets free itself, I may humbly accept. And then, I can carefully look whether  there is something bigger, deeper behind.


Systemic constellations only should be made by those people who have a personal and important concern. Reasons vary from deep distress, when someone feels like stuck in life, like in a hamster wheel. Or unhappy, charged with dull presentiments. Somebody else may want to get rid of a curse, or does not pass on family stories to his/her children. Also diseases are one of the reasons why people want to look behind the scenes of their family history and where it makes sense! This is done with an attitude of respect for the entire family.

Those, who only want to satisfy their curiosity, are misplaced. The family secrets also should remain closed to those who want to do harm others, or to somebody who tries to gain power over another person by revealing intimate secrets. This is unethical and a good therapist respects the limits of what he/she should do. (see also Code of Ethics

Selection of the therapist

The method of family constellations fascinates many people and at first sight seems very simple: You assign roles to some people and let them play...

So, unfortunately, many people enthusiastically believe - after having followed a couple of courses - that they are able to do Constellations themselves. But this is not enough. A sound, specialised education and a great amount of overall experience in life and a lot of self-therapy are required for being able to use this method by which an entire family, sometimes over several generations, is treated. 

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