Reincarnation Therapy - why?


It is easier to remain a victim than to change something in life. This would demand courage! Many of us stand petrified in pain and paralyzed in front of life. A chance to become human is, to meet ourselves. To accept and say Yes to life, Yes to our fate!

Personally, I lived in foreign countries for many years, permanently searching....

This search was only satisfied through a greater adventure, which was not less dangerous or difficult or exhausting. It was my journey through the landscape of my own soul. There, I was taught that besides the dark creatures living in the shadow behind the mists of the soul, the light helpers were also waiting to be freed. It was a journey truly worth being taken to open my eyes and my heart. To let go of the old and aim to new horizons!

With reincarnation therapy, we get answers to all our questions - out of ourselves. We dive deeply into our soul world and dig up unimagined treasures!  

I'd like to be your companion. A skilled expert, taking you by the hand and leading you through!

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Gudrun is a certified Qi Gong teacher and naturopathy therapist living and working in Vienna and Salzburg, Austria. Apart from Tao and Chi Nei Tsang, she has specialized in Family Constellations.

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