Are you a “concubine”?

by Gudrun Graf (comments: 4)



First at all: to be a concubine is a status. And many of sometimes really beautiful women cannot get rid of this status „concubine“. They want to marry and dream about an obliging relationship. But somehow they cannot achieve. Sometimes the dream becomes true and a concubine has a wedding. This marriage gets wrong very fast.

Then she keeps on living, either as a lover of a man who cannot or does not want to marry her. Maybe she becomes the playmate of a bonded man, on the border of an unfamiliar marriage.

How can you recognize your “status as a concubine?”

  •  Are there many men interested in you and your body, but without interest to get bond to you or even marry you?
  • Men’s reaction towards you is full of fire and they cherish you a lot. But there are, besides you, always other women in their lives.
  • Did you realize that all men you fancy are either married of bond somehow?
  • Are you vulnerable to get involved with men who weep on you shoulder. They talk about their unhappy marriage and cherish your openness and your apprehension over all.

All these men have something in common: They are not free! None of them you will get.

Unconsciously you keep on choosing those men, who do not really want to get involved with you.

Maybe you live passing relationships full consciously. Than you have turned the lance. And – even you never have contracepted you never got pregnant.

And some of the concubines are waiting for years for married men. They promise to get divorced. And if on of those men really get divorced one day, he will be married soon again: With another woman. Disappointed and disgusted the lover stays behind. I know a couple where the betrayed lover becomes the man’s concubine again after a few years!

What we have to understand on the „status of a concubine“: It is indeed a status!

This status has nothing to do with the men, ony with yourself. You choose those men. And a status is something like being left-handed, or diabetes. One does not have it, you are it! But differently to being left-handed of ill, you have the chance to get healed from your status: You have the possiblility of a change of your status! 

This requires but you full recognistion that you are a concubine! Without the recognition you cannot get rid of your status. And don't misunderstand: A concubine you can also be without a man on your side!

The source lies on your own bonding. You are not in the condition for a holding relationship. The reason lies in a promise of faith you did a long time ago: When you were a little girl you promised yourself your beloved father, or even further. The solution will be that you remember your promises. You have to live through it ones more and feel the magic effect it has on your adult life. After that you can release yourself in love of this involvment.

Unlike our consciousness, where many of the past partners are forgotten, our soul never ever does forget something. While resentfully we think about the past our souls keeps all beings. All partnerships keep on living in her, yes ALL, also your passing joys are retained in honour.

In guided trance one can go back to this lieu of involvement and let them go. Release forgotten promises and get the energy flowing again. Than the little princess, the long-lasting concubine can change into a loving and beloved woman.

If you want to travel to yourself and you need help, I will love to support you! In case you are a man and you have a lover, you are invited to give her these lines to read.

And don’t forget one thing: A man too can have a status of a lover. But this story I will tell you another time!

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Comment by Isabelle |

That's a great article, remember me just about the book "These women who love too much" of Robin Norwood...... I discovered it last year and it is a great one too....
Thanks Gudrun :))

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