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By Taoists we are taught that to much enjoyment hurts the heart. Since the cradle the VIRGO has a inner knowledge: “To much emotions harm”. With his finger held high he warns about burned out hearts! A life between avoidance and passion is to walk a fine line. Many a women close to you would like you to stop gabbling.

No, you are not a warrior. A woman has probably to persuade you to do the first step. You do not want to impose yourself, but you are ready for all, neutral. If it happens that you did drink your sense under the table you are ready to sink into sensuous chaos. But one wrong word and you will refrain, flee. What a shame, so much skill and frivolity are hidden in you!

It follows a marriage made out of economic consideration, a wedded life in an orderly household. Because you dislike surprises and you fear everything which is not familiar, you put your feelings and your love under “house arrest”! And you cheat on yourself believing you are unsoiled, innocent and pure!

You interfere!

People around you think about you as a wet blanket, while you only try hard to prevent “dire events” and to avoid severe damages. You nearly burst by your claim to make no mistake, while your solicitousness is experienced as interference from the others. Then you experience the world as ungrateful, but it is your chance to discover the substantial.

In your soul the contradictory moral values of your ancestors are booked. Torn up between “good and bad” you torment yourself. You fight against an enormous shade from bad conscience and culpability. But courageously the child in you continues carrying strange obligations. Without knowing, unconsciously, you interfered. You notice it with your ardent desire to want to get rid of your diffuse feeling of guiltiness.

Your soul wants a balance of the needs of your ancestors, reconciliation and order. On your neck hang heavy weight on invisible strings which prevent you from breathing. Not till you take the place which is due to you, you will be able to breathe again! Mind, nobody needs your sacrifice. The dead want you to live!!

Who is here called “cool”?

For a long time you have patiently observed. You have learned to trust that the church remains safely in the village, while you go out to discover the beauty of life. Finally you can relax and you smile whimsically: We wait that you will share with us your intelligence,  and your sense of humour!

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