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As an active Tao Teacher and trained in systemic constellations for years, it is just a natural concern to look - in a systemic way - behind the secrets of the Five Elements. This resulted years ago in constellation-workshops called "In Dialogue with our Inner Organs."!

In the traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the Five Elements describe psychological and physical functions. In spring, we have e.g. the element of WOOD which stands for the organs liver and gallbladder, for muscles and sinews; ascending energy leads to the eyes. Bad temper and anger are emotions of the wood element. Aggression leads to cramps. Tension in the muscles, tics and cramps point us to a weakness of the liver: The whole body crunches and the sciatic nerve fumes. That is why we should exercise sereneness ahead of time and our body will stay flexible.

The Five Elements are also described by colours and animals:

In spring - the Wood Element - it is the Green Dragon! These links will be discussed during the weekend workshop and will build a bridge to our dialogue with the inner organs and their possible conflicts.

As the Wood Element also stands for our youth, our work will certainly move in this direction!

In this workshop, we do not only dedicate our attention to the family but also to the body. Reading the description, you might divine that we will focus our attention on hidden conflicts, just as many of you do know from the family- and organizations constellation work. 

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Gudrun is a certified Qi Gong teacher and naturopathy therapist living and working in Vienna and Salzburg, Austria. Apart from Tao and Chi Nei Tsang, she has specialized in Family Constellations.

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