Dear Gudrun,

A New York study reveals that just before death, life flashes before one's inner eye, allowing a near-death experience that enables a person to "see" their life and all memories.

Those who have undergone a near-death experience and returned to their bodies suddenly knew what to do, as they could recognize and organize things that were not accessible to them in normal waking consciousness.

Why wait so long?

I had the privilege of undergoing this unique inner conscious experience with the healer Gudrun Graf during a family constellation in a trance state. This involved retrieving old memories and traumatic experiences (inner child) and engaging consciously with the inner mother and father, resulting in reconciliation and healing of old wounds.

Deep wounds and the perpetual feeling of loneliness stemming from separation could finally start to heal. I had complete trust in Gudrun from the beginning, which allowed me to fully surrender to her guidance.

In the trance state, I entered a state of conscious clarity and relaxation, even in broad daylight. This allowed me to connect with my unconscious mind. Gudrun's persistence and professionalism guided me through this journey, and her extensive knowledge (including Thorwald Dethlefsen) helped uncover and resolve entanglements.

The key members of my family system were finally freed from their entanglements, and other close individuals who had suffered heavy fates (for instance, my grandfather's experience of violence and death at the hands of the Nazis) were reconciled and released. Gudrun aided me in reordering my life and reclaiming my "inner power." The inhibiting effects of traumas were dissolved, and at 56 years old, they are finally allowed to heal.

I express my heartfelt gratitude for this professional guidance that I had the privilege of experiencing during a 10-day vacation dedicated to trance therapy.

Under Gudrun's care, I felt so supported and sheltered, safer than ever before. Now, I am free and strong, ready to live my life autonomously and realign it with my desires in harmony with others.

Warm thanks for your expert guidance! This therapy has truly transformed my life.

Best wishes,


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Gudrun is a certified Qi Gong teacher and naturopathy therapist living and working in Vienna and Salzburg, Austria. Apart from Tao and Chi Nei Tsang, she has specialized in Family Constellations.

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