If the Body Says NO

Why it is so important in my work to include the body:

In our society, which considers itself to be the crown of creation, half of the people suffer from chronic diseases. From cancer, multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, elevated liver values, skin rashes to autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease or Alzheimer's, the disease tries to remind us of the unity of body and mind.

When the body says no, it is trying to remind us of the unity of body and mind. When the mind says no, we are talking about mental illnesses (such as burnout or depression).

According to the Austrian Social Security, 900,000 people seek medical help for mental illness within a year. There is also a growing trend among teenagers.

When does our inner system collapse?

The many faces of stress Stress is a bodily reaction to cope with stressful situations. To perform at our best, hormones (adrenaline, noradrenaline, and cortisol) are released in the body. If we are constantly overwhelmed and the adrenaline and cortisol levels remain elevated, the entire nervous system gets disturbed. The body goes into a state of constant alertness. The symptoms become chronic.

The physiology of humans is influenced by their relationships Stress is not just about coping with everyday life, it can also arise due to interpersonal problems: Under-challenged, lack of appreciation, conflict with colleagues, friends, isolation, or family stress. If we are constantly under stress, it leads to illness, which is not a physical process but reflects the person and their environment.

The environment is our mirror Our society considers material things, especially the possession of material things, more important than human values. Values such as connection, love, spirituality - the recognition of the unity of EVERYTHING. Thus, the world in which we live has become a toxic environment, where society confuses its responsibility for nature and its creatures with control and domination. Instead of taking care of each other, we allow our entire living space to be poisoned. Even the sun becomes a threat, and the climate reflects the toxic relationship among us humans: the scarcity in a society where material values are the highest good.

The majority of doctors trained in this society follow this basic tone, tending to see mind and body as separate units in theory and practice. This separation violates ancient human wisdom. And slowly, through modern science, it is proving not only artificial but also false.

New findings: We humans are a unity In 2004, a study by Johns Hopkins University demonstrated that the fetus is influenced by the mother's stress, anxiety, and depression. These stress patterns can be detected in children and have lifelong effects. The mind-body unity in relation to the environment begins in the womb.

A Harvard study from last year shows that children who grow up with dysfunctional parents, who experience stress or abuse, have a significantly higher risk of developing heart disease, obesity, diabetes, mellitus (among others) later in life.

What triggers such stress? Life circumstances marked by insecurity, lack of information, and loss of control.

We live in a threatening world. The economy is going downhill, decisions are made from the top by people we have no influence on.

A feeling of having no control, no influence (and unfortunately, this will get worse), leads to addictive behavior - in a materialistic sense. And parents' stress is naturally passed on to their children.

Alienation That this is nothing new is proven by Karl Marx, who already at the age of 26 in 1844 dealt with alienation - being foreign to something. He spoke of four alienations in our culture:

The alienation from nature - we are destroying it. The alienation from other people - we have fewer contacts, less intimacy, less trust, and less sense of connection, which leads to an increase in physical and mental illnesses. The alienation from work - many of us have jobs that don't make sense, our creativity is blocked, we feel meaningless, become depressed, and seek substitutes and values like appearance, possessions, success... But the felt emptiness cannot be compensated for, the lack cannot be compensated. The alienation from ourselves - we no longer pay attention to our gut feeling. Seeing is loving. As infants, we are whole. As children, we want nothing more than to be honored, seen as who we truly are. In our culture, the stressed parents create a break. The inner child disappears, the gut feeling is switched off.

Our mission is to rediscover our true nature and remember who we really are.

We are not competitive beings, but inside each of us is something we must rediscover: empathy. It is our nature!

Then, a disease can be seen as the "endpoint" of perhaps a multigenerational emotional process. If understood correctly, it offers the opportunity for self-awareness, recovery, and healing.

I am happy to support you in this!

The PISCES-woman

2012-02-10 21:55 by Gudrun Graf (comments: 0)

Henry David Thoreau: “Not till we are lost, in other words, not till we have lost the world, do we begin to find ourselves, and realize the infinite extent of our relations.”

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2012-02-10 07:15 by Gudrun Graf (comments: 0)

The PISCES man is characterized by a lack of target. He is doing nothing bad - but often nothing at all. He is not interested in achieving something, does not need a herd and does not even built on prestige. His combatants run into emptiness (void) and sometimes a woman becomes desperate because he lets things simply slide. You as a PISCES man are not aware that you are dreaming your life. You see yourself as noble and chivalrous, reacting to female courting. And while she already is burning down as a falling star, you just do not understand why she is so mad at you.

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2012-02-09 17:46 by Gudrun Graf (comments: 0)

In the development of humans there was a time, in which the myth was disenchanted by the logos. In consequence of the "renaissance" Gods were taken off the pedestal. Instead of superstition, critical reason took place in the hearts of humans. Where somebody listens only to his head, feeling has lost its right. "Cool is in"

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